Rebecca M Jacobs, LMT

About the Therapist

Becca strives towards a relaxing and therapeutic outcome for each client. With her thoughtful and adaptable massage style, she is able to address each client’s specific needs by listening to their body and allowing them to guide her. ​​
Having always been an empath, Becca has learned how to use her hyper-sensitivity towards others in an effective, ethical, and beneficial manner. Through massage, she hopes to bring about a greater awareness between the client's mind, body, and spirit.
Becca’s overall intention is to create a safe and compassionate space for each client to liberate themselves from negative thoughts and life's many stressors. Through her warm and thoughtful touch, she hopes to create a greater sense of wellbeing, empowerment, and confidence in each client she has the honor to treat.

​​She graduated from Santa Fe School of Massage in March 2017 after having gone through the 6 Month Full-Time Program

She is currently working on her 177-hour international certification program in Polarity Therapy ending April 2018

She resides in Santa Fe, NM where she enjoys spending time reading books, drinking coffee and enjoying nature